Practice News

12th Jun 2021

TeamNTGP - COVID Vaccination Service

Team NTGP is highly motivated to eradicate COVID from our environment and are contributing towards effective management of  providing COVID vaccinations  to our patients. 

We are delighted to inform you that North Trafford Group Practice is providing COVID vaccination for the North Trafford Area. We have been providing the service since February 2021 and by May end we have vaccinated around 5000+ patients (first dose and second both). 

We are providing Astra Zeneca (AZ) as well as Pfizer Vaccination. Invitations are sent electronically to all patients who are eligible for AZ or Pfizer. We advise all eligible patients to book their appointment at your earliest to support the cause. 

Thank you to all our patients. 

North Trafford Group Practice 

12th Jun 2021

Weekend Clinics

We are delighted to inform all our patients that we will be starting GP, Nurse  & Phlebotomy Clinic on Sunday from 20th June 2021.  

This is in addition to our Saturday weekend appointments which we started in December 2020. 

TeamNTGP understands individual patient needs and this initiative will help patients who can not attend appointment during work days to book themselves on the weekend. The nursing appointments are limited to Chronic Disease Management, however we aim to expand this in future.  

Please ring reception at 0161 -8655556 to book your appointment


12th Jun 2021

Welcome - Old Trafford Medical Practice Patients

We welcome all patients from Old Trafford Medical Practice who are merged with North Trafford Group Practice.

We aim to provide best possible care to our patients and we will put our best efforts for you to feel the same. 

North Trafford Group Practice (NTGP) comprises of diversified team of professionals and we strive to provide personalised service to all our patients. 

NTGP has interpretor services available for patients who can not speak English. You may also find our Clinicians and Staff who can communicate (apart from English) in Arabic, Urdu, Hindi and Spanish.

Please spend some time in going through Team #NTGP section of our website to get familiar with our clinicians and management staff. 

If you have any queries, feel free to email us on


Thank you

NTGP Management

12th Jun 2021

New Website - North Trafford Group Practice

We are pleased to inform you that we have launched our new Practice Website from June 2021. 

The new website is more user friendly and more up to date information regarding our services, team and other relevant information. 

Thank you