Chester Road Surgery
Seymour Grove Health Centre
0161 865 5556

Flu Clinic 2020/21

The practice has started its annual flu campaign.

If you do not want to have the flu vaccination this year 2020/21 – please let the practice know by telephoning us on 0161 865 5556 or email the practice on [email protected] and we can update your medical records.

Flu appointments are now available for patient over 65’s and those at risk at both CHESTER ROAD SURGERY AND SEYMOUR GROVE HEALTH CENTRE. You can make your appointment by using our AskmyGP on-line consultations system or contacting the surgery on 0161 865 5556.

When you arrive at the flu clinic – please wear a short sleeve top to the clinic,  arrive on your appointment time, wear a face mask, remove coats on entering the centre and importantly if you feel poorly please rearrange the appointment.  These steps will ensure a smooth and efficient clinic for your safety.

The flu vaccination will be divided by age and the clinics will reflect this – children, those aged over 65 and those aged 18 to 65. This is because of the difference in the vaccinations.

If you are aged over 65, pregnant or in an ‘at risk group’ such as these listed below you are automatically eligible. These are

  • People suffering from:-
    • Asthma (not all asthmatics are eligible this is dependent on inhaler and asthma exacerbation history)
    • COPD.
    • Chronic Heart Disease.
    • Chronic Liver Disease.
    • Chronic Kidney Disease.
    • Chronic Neurological Disease.
    • Diabetes.
    • Problems with the Spleen.
    • Those suffering with a weakened immune system.
    • Pregnancy

If you are having your first flu jab, currently taking antibiotics at the time of the injection, on Warfarin, Latex or have an confirmed egg allergy please let the practice know about your allergy on booking the appointment.